L doors Co., Ltd. Hunan Bo Bo l Wood Co., Ltd. of Taiwan in the mainland's first joint venture in Taiwan and has BO SUN Bo-liter brand intellectual property rights, and to authorize the use of Hunan Bo l, the Hunan Bo rise mainly in the production and Sales of solid wood doors, wood doors, 兼营 doors, engineering doors and other products, the current rise has Changsha, Hunan Bo Takahashi image display shop, and determined to build cities in Hunan sales network, playing a brand in Hunan. We use wooden door manufacturer in China where the most concentrated (Sichuan, Chongqing) process technology manufacturing wooden doors, we use the circulation of the most developed areas in China (Changsha) as a production base, we use the technical master of Chongqing as a quality assurance (Note:..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Yu Xiansheng (Mr.)
    Tel: 0731-86880806
    Fax: 073186880806
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